Who we Are
The Red Latinoamericana de Reproducción Asistida (RED - Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction) is a scientific and educational institution, which brings together more than 90% of the centres engaged in assisted reproduction techniques in Latin America.
REDLARA was established in 1995, with 50 centres, and today boasts a total of 184 centres; it has the Registro Latinoamericano de Reproducción Asistida (RLA - Latin American Register of Assisted Reproduction), which annually catalogues all the results concerning the assisted reproduction techniques reported by these centers. The REDE offers to the scientific community the Continuing Educational Programme, which is composed of Annual Conferences, and the Continuing Educational Programme Online – PEC Online, which is composed of online updating courses, with the purpose to provide specialization. The result of these activities makes the RED a true school of Biology and Reproductive Medicine.
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