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Dear friends at REDLARA:
In order to encourage a deeper understanding on Bioethics, and promote a debate about diverse Bioethical Issues concerning Assisted Reproduction, we would like to invite you to take part in this FORUM, expressing your ideas, experiences and opinions.
This space, open to ideas exchange, is intended to enlarge our formation in Bioethics, which in turn will contribute to stimulate programs of Bioethics information and knowledge diffusion in our communities: this will help patients and legislators to take better informed decisions in the genuine pursuit of their own well-being, and the better for all.

A PGD case
Raul and Mireya, a married deaf couple, came to a fertility center because they want to have a deaf baby through preimplantational diagnosis. Do you think the fertility center should assist them to reach their dream? Do you think that the fertility center can reject to assist them?
Alejandro Manzur - 19/04/2012
  Los que realizamos medicina reproductiva estamos para ayudar a parejas infértiles a ser padres, idealmente de un hijo sano (a) no para cumplir deseos particulares de las parejas. Ser ciego es una limitante aunque se pueda convivir perfectamente con dicho problema, sin embargo, por mucho que ambos padres lo sean, la situación ideal para el hijo es ser vidente. Yo estaría de acuerdo en utilizar PGD justamente para que el hijo(a) no salga ciego.
The medical opinions written in this Forum are not official opinions from the
Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction. The physician himself is
responsible by his comments.
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