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Anonimato de los donantes y Derecho a la identidad
Although the donor anonymity was the norm in medical practice widespread in Gamete Donation , the trend of the current policies are leading to a stance in favor of disclosure of information about the nature of their design to those born by donated gametes .

Increasingly there are more people in favor of open donation . This new attitude has emerged not only in the associations of trade professionals , children, parents receivers , patient associations , as well as some donors .

This attitude , which arose from their own families (both the children and parents receptors ) , is now accompanied by changes in various laws, professional associations , patient associations and even by many of the donors themselves .

 The recommendation of the majority of mental health professionals is to tell the truth to the children from small , based on scientifically proven evidence that there are benefits to family well-being and the psychological development of a child , and is based on the quality of the relationship with their parents and the possibility to build their identity knowing its origin and genetic identity . Also, this is a right that is guaranteed by the Convention of Human Rights of Children .

Patients are autonomous in their decisions , and should be able to decide what is good for themselves . Also, born usually want to know about their way of design and social history , family and medical history of the donor , is to consolidate its identity as themes just for curiosity .

There are some organized groups in favor of open donation , to meet children genetically related to each other and also donors who are willing and agree to establish contact :
• Donor Conception Network www.dcnetwork.org

• Donor Conception Support Group www.dcsg.org

• Donor Sibling Registry www.donorsiblingregistry.com

Check out these links and tell us your opinion.

If the trend is opening , it is necessary that the centers keep records Donor those descendants that want or need , laws that protect the right to identity and more scientific guidelines accepted and used by professionals Reproductive Medicine .

Ref : ASRM Ethics Committee Report . Informing Offspring of Their conception by gamete donation . ( Fertil Steril 2004, 81:527-31 ) .
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