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REDLARA associated centers
The Education Committee of Red Latinoamericana de Reproducción Asistida offers you the FORUM OF LABORATORY (Trouble shooting). It is a space on our website www.redlara.com where you can share it with your colleagues, consult, find solutions to problems of equipment, culture conditions and techniques, share tips and experiences, discuss ideas and publications, in an effort of REDLARA to promote excellence in assisted reproduction. We invite you to participate.
We currently have a pH meter with a large electrode to measure the pH have to spend large amounts of media that are expensive. We're thinking that we might implement an improvement in our IVF purchasing some pH meter specially designed to apply to IVF. We found that a pH meter is used in IVF laboratories. The cost of the pH meter is more within reach than others. I send the link for me to give us their appreciation: http://www.research-instruments.com/products/laboratory-control/ph-meter
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Programs of Bioethics information and knowledge diffusion in our communities.
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In this section you´ll find information about the accredited and affiliated centres that belong to the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction.