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Dear friends at REDLARA:
In order to encourage a deeper understanding on Bioethics, and promote a debate about diverse Bioethical Issues concerning Assisted Reproduction, we would like to invite you to take part in this FORUM, expressing your ideas, experiences and opinions.
This space, open to ideas exchange, is intended to enlarge our formation in Bioethics, which in turn will contribute to stimulate programs of Bioethics information and knowledge diffusion in our communities: this will help patients and legislators to take better informed decisions in the genuine pursuit of their own well-being, and the better for all.

SBioethics Symposium held in Buenos Aires, supported by RED
The opinions expressed in the document are resultant of an active discussion, without necessarily having an official position of RED.   reply pdf
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A pregnant man
It is a special case of much controversy, in which the genetic sex interposes with the psycho-social sex. Genetically is a woman, psycho-socially is a man and has reported to be pregnant.
If you want, take part of this forum and give your opinion.
To better know about Thomas Beatie history: http://www.advocate.com/issue_story_ektid52664.asp
  sandra - 21/10/2014
  sandra - 21/10/2014
  Maria Teresa Urbina - 22/04/2012
  María Teresa Urbina - 16/01/2011
  Lígia Fernanada Previato Araujo - 10/01/2009
  Maria Teresa Urbina - 20/12/2008
  Maria Teresa Urbina - 20/12/2008
  Jorge Alvarez - 12/10/2008
  Jorge Alvarez - 12/10/2008
  mari finamore - 15/07/2008
  Dra Rita Vernocchi - 30/05/2008
The medical opinions written in this Forum are not official opinions from the
Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction. The physician himself is
responsible by his comments.
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