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Dear friends at REDLARA:
In order to encourage a deeper understanding on Bioethics, and promote a debate about diverse Bioethical Issues concerning Assisted Reproduction, we would like to invite you to take part in this FORUM, expressing your ideas, experiences and opinions.
This space, open to ideas exchange, is intended to enlarge our formation in Bioethics, which in turn will contribute to stimulate programs of Bioethics information and knowledge diffusion in our communities: this will help patients and legislators to take better informed decisions in the genuine pursuit of their own well-being, and the better for all.

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is unconstitutional in Costa Rica since 2000, when sentence 2000-02306 dictated by the Constitutional Room of the Supreme Court of Justice of the State of Costa Rica, prohibited its use because it was considered that it violated life. (Available at: http://www.vidahumana.org/vidafam/repro/costarica-invitro.html).

This ruling of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica could be against the right to found a family and to have access to health, expressed in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights of the UN:

-Article 16.1- all men and women have right, without restriction for reason of race, nationality, or religion to marry and found a family; and
- Article 25- everyone is entitled to the benefit of the highest possible level of physical and mental health.

Likewise, according to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), health is the complete state of physical, psychic and social well-being, and not only the absence of disease. Furthermore, studies made at the University of Harvard, have demonstrated that most people consider that to have children is an essential element of life, and that not being able to have them can cause a strong depression, similar to the one experienced by people knowing that they have cancer (Domar A.).

Furthermore, the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, also demands freedom of religion; many of the arguments against the use of IVF in this sentence are of religious nature.

A group of 15 couples demanded to state of Costa Rica at the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (CIDH), which admitted the request in 2004. This acceptance demonstrates the importance dispensed to the protection of sexual and reproductive rights; no resolution has yet been emitted.

What do you think you on this sentence?
What would you say to the CIDH if you were called to defend the rights of patients?
  Marcos Horton - 14/04/2014
  Marcos Horton - 14/04/2014
  María Teresa Urbina; Directora Regional Colombia, Venezuela y el Caribe - 10/01/2013
  María Teresa Urbina; Directora Regional Colombia, Venezuela y el Caribe - 10/01/2013
  Christina Calderón Fonseca - 14/09/2012
  Jon O´Brien - 14/05/2012
  Caio Parente Barbosa - 15/07/2011
  Ana Neusa Rezende Kunz e Silva - 11/11/2007
  Carlos Valerio - 08/11/2007
  Carlos Valerio - 07/11/2007
  JUAN CARLOS MENDOZA - 02/11/2007
  Marlene tamanini - 07/10/2007
  Edson Borges Jr. - 05/10/2007
  Concebir Grupo de Apoyo para pacientes con Trastornos en la reproducción - 30/09/2007
  Edgardo Daniel Rolla - 30/09/2007
  Concebir Grupo de Apoyo para parejas con Trastornos en la Reproducción - 30/09/2007
  Concebir Grupo de Apoyo para pacientes con trastornos en la Reproducción - 30/09/2007
  Dr.Mario Gomez Badia - 29/09/2007
  Maria Teresa Urbina - 29/09/2007
  Fernando Fortuci - 28/09/2007
  IVONNE DIAZ - 28/09/2007
  André Luiz Eigenheer da Costa - 28/09/2007
  Dra Rita Vernocchi - 27/09/2007
  Roberto Santos Haliscak - 27/09/2007
  Dra Rita Vernocchi - 27/09/2007
  Edilberto Araujo Filho - 27/09/2007
  ALESSANDRA BASSAN - 27/09/2007
  Carlos Rodrigo Pazmiño V. - 27/09/2007
  Richard G Rawlins - 27/09/2007
  Cecilia Hernández Leal - 27/09/2007
  Adelino - 27/09/2007
  Edgardo Daniel Rolla - 27/09/2007
  Edgardo Daniel Rolla - 27/09/2007
  Edgardo Daniel Rolla - 27/09/2007
  Edgardo Daniel Rolla - 27/09/2007
  Edgardo Daniel Rolla - 27/09/2007
  Edgardo Daniel Rolla - 26/09/2007
  cesar pinheiro - 26/09/2007
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