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Dear friends at REDLARA:
In order to encourage a deeper understanding on Bioethics, and promote a debate about diverse Bioethical Issues concerning Assisted Reproduction, we would like to invite you to take part in this FORUM, expressing your ideas, experiences and opinions.
This space, open to ideas exchange, is intended to enlarge our formation in Bioethics, which in turn will contribute to stimulate programs of Bioethics information and knowledge diffusion in our communities: this will help patients and legislators to take better informed decisions in the genuine pursuit of their own well-being, and the better for all.

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The Biologist Eduardo Sanz from USA raises the following consultation:
Ownership of a sperm sample
I have an stimulating question for all the embryo mail folks. In the past few days we received a weird request in our IVF program. A young woman called requesting us to freeze her boyfriend sperm. She alleged that the only available sample was inside of her because she had intercourse with him two days ago, and he passed away after that. This bizarre request raises many doubts among the members of our group regarding the ownership of the sperm sample. The sample, of course, belongs to the man that produces it, but once inside of her, can she dispose of this sample at her will? Can she sign a consent form to freeze that sample to be used in any procedure in the future?
  Federico Lopez - 20/09/2012
  Maria Teresa Urbina - 10/05/2012
  Jhenny Hernandez Peralta - 23/02/2007
  Jorge Blaquier - 29/11/2006
  Amanda Robertson - 24/11/2006
  Eduardo Sanz - 24/11/2006
  Grace Centola - 24/11/2006
  Eduardo Sanz - 24/11/2006
  Peter N. Schlegel - 24/11/2006
  Jill Watt - 24/11/2006
  Eduardo Sanz - 24/11/2006
  María Teresa Urbina - 24/11/2006
  Maria Lourdes R de Melo - 15/11/2006
  Centro de Medicina Reproductiva OBGIN S.C. - 08/11/2006
  Waldemar Pimenta - 07/11/2006
  Maria Teresa Urbina,UNIFERTES - 06/11/2006
  Marlene Tamanini - 01/11/2006
  Marlene Tamanini - 01/11/2006
  Maria Teresa Urbina - 31/10/2006
  Luís Antonio Velani - 31/10/2006
  Leonor Fonnegra Jiménez - 30/10/2006
  Edilberto de Araujo Filho - 29/10/2006
  Paulo Gallo de Sá - 29/10/2006
  Lilian Lopes de Moura Milken - 28/10/2006
  Edir Catafesta - 27/10/2006
  Yadira Rosado Martínez - 26/10/2006
  Luiz Eduardo T. Albuquerque - FERTIVITRO - 25/10/2006
  Marcelo A D Martins - 25/10/2006
  Santiago brugo Olmedo - 25/10/2006
  Ricardo Buquet - 25/10/2006
  Roberto Santos Haliscak - 25/10/2006
  Ivonne Díaz Yamal - 25/10/2006
  Ivonne Díaz Yamal - 25/10/2006
  Sidney Glina - 25/10/2006
  María Gladys Muñoz - 25/10/2006
  Edson Borges Jr. - 25/10/2006
  Maria Cecília de Almeida Cardoso - 25/10/2006
  Roberto Infante - 25/10/2006
  Cecilia Hernández Leal - 25/10/2006
  Marjorie Mota - 24/10/2006
  Rafael Aguiar Guevara. Secretario Asociación Mundial de Derecho Médico - 05/10/2006
  Dr. Roberto Arribere - 05/09/2006
  Edward Marut - 29/08/2006
  Antonio Sanoja Breña - 29/08/2006
  Maria Teresa Urbina - 29/08/2006
  Dr.Antonio J. Sanoja Breña - 29/08/2006
  Dr.Antonio J. Sanoja Breña - 29/08/2006
  roberto coco - 29/08/2006
  Francisco Parera Deniz - 29/08/2006
  Rodolfo Canseco Sedano - 29/08/2006
  Eduardo Sanz - 29/08/2006
  Rita Basuray - 29/08/2006
  Roberto Coco / FECUNDITAS - 29/08/2006
  Marc van der Bergh - 29/08/2006
  Norma Oñate de Gonzalez - 29/08/2006
  Roberto Coco / FECUNDITAS - 29/08/2006
The medical opinions written in this Forum are not official opinions from the
Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction. The physician himself is
responsible by his comments.
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